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giveawayyyy [Jul. 20th, 2010 /// 05:41 pm]
chimera of cameras

I've been crossposting this all over the internet, but now I'm back to you, livejournal friends.

My birthday is next Wednesday, so for the next week I am running a triple giveaway - three separate giveaways actually - over on my blog.

1 can win an 8x8 or 8x8 print.
1 can win two 5x5 prints.
1 can win an original polaroid.

Enter here - http://www.amaliachimera.com/blog/?p=505 - I'm looking for your favorite book! And I'll ship anywhere, it's not limited by country.
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moving day [Oct. 9th, 2009 /// 02:23 pm]
chimera of cameras
I recently redesigned my website to be simpler, and load much more quickly, so now it's in html instead of flash. (Better to read you on a mobile device, my dear.)

Anyway, with this transition a few weeks ago I added a Wordpress account so that I could have a place to post my ongoing photos, which yes, I do that here too, but a livejournal that I've written in since 2001 (9th grade! ha) isn't so reputable.

Sooo, here is the link: http://www.amaliachimera.com/blog Add it to your Google Reader or Blogroll or whatever you use, please.

The main site isn't fully working yet, like videos loading quickly, but the blog is done. For the most part I won't be posting here anymore except for comments and communities. So if you want to keep updated on anything in my life, head on over.

print/vintage shop

That is all =)
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pontificating more than the time allowed [Sep. 3rd, 2009 /// 01:41 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |optimistictalkative]

If I had a bike like this I would ride it every day.

Unfortunately I only own a mountain bike in gray pearl metal. I don't like excessive sparkles on cars, bikes, nailpolish, or really anything except a sidewalk with lots of mica in it so it glistens in the sunlight. I need my old beach cruiser(s) from living in southern California and I would attempt this floral finish somehow!

Yesterday I found a claw footed coffee table at Salvation Army that was painted white with gold-leaf ornamentation. It won't match the pale teal walls I'm planning on but I will make it fit somehow.

And although I have not had a job for the past three weeks of living here and was sadly considering menial chores such as working at Ace hardware, photographing tourists at the Academy of Science, or diner waitress, I have a REALLY REAL job prospect due to my friend Steff, who works at the SF branch of a place I was offered an internship once, but at the Austin branch, so I already know that they like my work. Or at least, the Austin branch likes my work.

This is extremely timely and good news because I am down to my last $1,000 and October rent for me will be $600, meaning not much left over to live on unless I get a job soon soon soon.

Upon getting a real job, I promise to buy myself:
_a new pair of pants, since I own only 1 pair that fits properly
_some tall fall boots
_something to help with my weird scars
_wall paint
_and some green nail polish to replace the one I made that broke in the trip out west.

the land between here and mountains, or: how many hoops do I have to jump through in order to drive out here successfully?Collapse )

I live half a mile from the beach. I live walking distance from crashing rocks and seals and a giant camera obscura and lots of fog and cool breezes. AND less than a block away is one out of two Indian places I've ever eaten at that make the food spicy enough when I say to make it very, very spicy. =)
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2009 /// 12:07 pm]
chimera of cameras
Guessssssss whaaaaaat.

Today is my last day in Cincinnati. Tomorrow marks the start of our road trip with an early morning departure from Indianapolis, and we are taking 8 days to get there so we can hang out in Glacier National park for 2.5 days.

But next weekend I will be an official resident of San Francisco and I am READY.

people always look better in the sun

I own hardly anything except clothes, sewing supplies, and many cameras+film, but my car will be brimming. The cats take up a lot of room, too, because during their last vet visit Radar decided that Samoa smelled like the vet and he doesn't like that smell and so they went from being best friends to Radar clawing Samoa in the tear duct and making her cry blood. =( I cried a lot, myself. The vet said this happens all the time (and yet they didn't warn us as we drove them away in the same carrier like we always do so they comfort each other?) and that it will take a few days for Radar to get used to Samoa's smell again. It's depressing. We have to keep them separated and they both get so lonely without the other, but when Radar smells that vet smell (on her, on me, on a shirt..), he hisses. Frustrating for this to happen right before an extremely long car trip.

dirty south
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dying breed [Jun. 24th, 2009 /// 01:34 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |calmdone done done done]
[music   |Bat for Lashes - Moon and Moon | Powered by Last.fm]

Welp, I have graduated and officially burnt out. For the past three months I have given up on looking at the internet because I really had no time to distract myself. I had less than two months to do three animations..time management! Never my strong point.

The last 3.5 weeks of school (which ended the second week of June..for a time frame reference of burning out) I was sleeping less than 4 hours a night. Yum. Everyone knows my love for sleep. I was an extremely unhappy person during this time. DAAPworks opened on Tuesday, June 9. I had been awake from Sunday, June 7th at 8am until June 9th at 11pm thanks to eating a lot of food and Five Hour Energy drinks.

It's always a lovely feeling to look back on a quarter and see that you gained 15 pounds, look like a zombie, but pulled an A- out of all of it for senior thesis. HOORAY I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL.

Here is one animation.

So, I am sorry for lack of updates/lack of email responses/lack of signs of life. I am back alive, sort of, but so burnt out that I haven't taken a photo since MAY besides for my stop animations, which is about two months now. Ridiculous. No more creative juices flowing for now.

I need to find an apartment, and baaad.
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verbose [May. 4th, 2009 /// 01:38 pm]
chimera of cameras
[music   |School of Seven Bells]

This weekend I...

-discovered I like amaretto sours, even though amaretto by itself is josey grossy
-went exploring in some abandoned buildings for my slow motion title sequence for Still Life With Woodpecker
-played a ton with fire extinguishers
-found old amber bottles in a scientific building
-climbed through a tiny hole in a fence while carrying a 600SE, Canon XL2 video camera, and Manfrotto tripod. Weight sum = more than 35 pounds?
-went to my first friend wedding. It's always been family/friends of family before this. 'Tis the season?
-ate white queso for dinner which is horribly fattening and all of my hopes of ever losing weight by eating better and exercising more are pretty much out the window until I graduate
-played NES games on an SNES with friends whom I missed greatly (Mario All-Stars, jerks!)
-Also drank 750 ML of the first beer I've ever liked, Lindeman's Belgian Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic Ale Beer. Freaking long name, doesn't taste like beer because it tastes like bubbly raspberry grape juice, freaking AMAZING. I'll drink it straight from the massive bottle.

I haven't "logged & captured" the video footage I took this weekend yet, but for now you can look at two photos that are up on flickr. I took a lot more but they will slowly go up, as is required by my selfmade flickr rules.

empty places

empty places

Aaaaand the title slide from my second title sequence on Still Life With Woodpecker (if you remember from older posts, I am doing 3 of them and each are a different style and for a separate age group)

Now I go shower, work on the 1920's portion of my fashion dictionary for History of Fashion (oh man that reminds me of all the dancing videos of flappers we watched in class this morning and I want to LIVE during that time. Just to dance.), and then make some caesar salad I've been craving since Friday.

Greasy hair is not becoming on me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2009 /// 04:30 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |sicksick sickly]
[music   |Django Reinhardt]

Being sick in the springtime is laughable. But it is the current state of my life, during a major production week for three classes, I have been all sniffles and racking coughs and spitting mucus into receptacles. To quote Woodpecker, "Yummm."

I am a week behind on my schedule for capstone, which is not good news, but luckily my professor changed our 40% due on Tuesday to 30%. This weekend I have to produce a 45-second stop animation, plus 6 illustrations for my pop-up book animation. (I already have 2 completed out of 8, so at least I am partly on my way.) No work to show on my slow motion project except for colored smoke bombs, which is obviously the very best part of all three animations put together.

Yesterday I went to a thrift store after 1 month of staying away, and bought a white lace dress (I will marry a white dress, all of my white dresses, as they are the best parts of my wardrobe) along with 5 pairs of shoes. Very excessive for me. I found the funniest hiking boots in the world, which meant I bought them, plus some motorcycle boots with studded bootstraps, granny lace-ups, and 2 pairs of oxfords that were too small so I will sell them for more than $3. Ebay and etsy, I keep putting you off.

Spring photos.

spring in hiding

up, up,

b l o o m

sunset behind the greenhouse
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my journal is becoming one of inspiration... [Mar. 26th, 2009 /// 11:22 am]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |relaxedrelaxed]

..instead of my own work. I am not burnt out, I've just been working on a huge update of my website. 32 new items. New stuff is up tomorrow with a DOMAIN name. WOW!! Haha. Say that "WOW" like a little kid would, in awe of something not so awe-deserving.

I love this song and video and it actually deserves its awe.

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born a hot, white diamond [Mar. 24th, 2009 /// 01:40 am]
chimera of cameras
[music   |Bat for Lashes///Glass]

Argh! Bat for Lashes is playing in San Francisco on the day I graduate, June 13! Not freaking fair. Couldn't she just wait a month? I might be living out west by then. (Fingers crossed. Toes crossed, too.)

update: Jenny Lewis plays at Cat's Cradle in NC on June 12th. ARGH! All of these ex-living-places, right at my fingertips with musicians I love. If only the timing was better.

In the meantime..tonight I am bringing back my chemistry knowledge and making a bright red smoke bomb. It's helpful to me in 1.restoring my creativity and 2.doing a test run for when I use them for my slow-mo videos for next quarter.


I think I am going to start posting my flickr favorites on here weekly, so I can compile my inspiration. (if you click on the photo, it will take you to their flickr page.)

a few week"s worthCollapse )
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I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats [Mar. 17th, 2009 /// 07:09 pm]
chimera of cameras
I hate it when people say "I'll sleep when I'm dead" because on days of little/no sleep, I certainly feel like dying. My heart speeds up and does weird things, my eyes go red, blur, my hearing distorts and I hear songs that aren't playing. On top of that, I either am sick to my stomach and everything is completely unappetizing, OR I have an insatiable appetite.

The only thing I'm doing now during spring break besides sleeping is camping. I want to go to a hot springs!

I also really would enjoy a pesto-based dinner tonight. If only I could make a run to the grocery store without feeling guilty for my homework-doing self. (Plus, I'd have to get dressed in something that covers my scaly legs. It's 70 degrees out currently but I'd be doing the world a good service if I were to hide it.)

I had to do like 300 research assignments on projection for a museum exhibit we did in seminar this quarter. Finally something worthwhile to look at.
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late one night [Mar. 12th, 2009 /// 12:45 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |exhaustedexhausted]

For Saturday I am making a costume I've titled "Little Red Rabbit Hood," for the quarterly big wheel race that most of the guys I know created. And for the first time ever, I probably will actually try out a race or two. Ha! I will end up looking like a fool since everyone knows that I have little coordination/balance. But my costume will be spiff.

I was wading through the patterns at Joann's on Tuesday in the hopes of finding a lightbulb moment for having the best costume ever. It never happened, or at least not at once. I found a child's pattern for different animal costumes (bear, bunny, cat, lion, monkey) and decided to go from there. (Obviously I couldn't fit into an ENTIRE child-sized costume. Callipygian. Look it up.) Later, I found a pattern for an 1800's cape with some lace trim, and thought it would look good in a deep vibrant red. Putting the two together churned out a cool idea, which I named above. I still have to make the cape, but the hood is complete and gives me the desire for carrots. Nibble nibble. Floppy ears!

But anyway, this just makes me want to go to an animal party. Perhaps someone will have one for graduation. But it would have to be full-bodied creative animal costumes, and not just ears (or a hood, in my case.) The Manish Arora Fall 2009 runway show is major inspiration, although I have no friends (myself included!!) this wild & creative.

My school quarter ends next week. I don't have plans for spring break except to find some dusty abandoned buildings locate where to rent a camera with slow-motion capabilities, and learn how to make a colored smoke bomb. Ah, homework.
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p-please h-halp? [Mar. 4th, 2009 /// 12:11 pm]
chimera of cameras
[music   |no music. only geology note-taking.]

I need some good book recommendations!

The most recent good books I've read have been Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and The Time Traveler's Wife and Let Me In. In the recommendations, I want them to be fictional, somewhat current (as in, written after 1950's? Yeah, that sounds okay), and not political or historical fiction...probably. I am not genre-specific, but nothing cheesy like a romance novel. (I have enough of that while reading the True Blood books in about the two seconds it takes to read them.)

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ramble rumble [Feb. 25th, 2009 /// 06:46 pm]
chimera of cameras

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

I kinda love this video. Side project from Karen of The Knife...both music videos on this album have been visually inspiring and eerie. Part of my capston aka thesis is doing some slow motion explosions and the flashing water in the end of this video is a high class example to show.

Cincinnati is in a heat wave. Not. But it was in the low 60's today, compared to my wet hair freezing on the walk to school, feels balmy. 50-60 degree weather makes me joyful. I hadn't work my light jacket in months. Now I will get less "girl you CRAZY" looks when I wear skirts and dresses. My legs don't get cold unless wet with snow or falling on ice, but in the wintry months people loooove to tell me how I need to dress.
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2009 /// 05:11 pm]
chimera of cameras
[music   |The Rosebuds/// Shake Our Tree]

dark eyes

1. a picture of you in your room.:Collapse )

I was emailed by the band Bowerbirds to include some of my photos in their next album that comes out this summer...kinda exciting, but it's not paying very well, so I don't know if I want to do it. Should I?? When I was last in Durham in December, I stole one of their posters from Elmo's Diner on 9th St., and I LOVE the song "In Our Talons." So it's not if I should be involved with the band, because that would be tops. It's all a matter of money, since I am very very broke.
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2009 /// 07:12 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |blahnada]
[music   |The Rosebuds]

I love these two images. Juliette's hat is so fun and reeks of the South, which normally I'm inclined to oppose, but lately am becoming more okay about it. I blame watching True Blood and reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The tights were found on lookbook.nu, which I was finally allowed into. I want to make similar ones myself so I bought a tie-dye kit, which was a bit embarrassing in a way, since tie-dyed things are typically tacky. I'm just using it for the dye, not the styles.

I've been braiding my hair in sweet ways recently since it's finally shoulder-length. Yesterday I did an inside-out french braid that started at my crown, went to my forehead down the part, then down the sides of my head and met in the back to form a bun. So much fancy fingerwork.

Fishtailing is next, but I need my hair to be Icelandic white-blonde and also 4-6 inches past my shoulders.
more beautiful hairCollapse )

My capstone a.k.a. senior thesis is on title sequences, so I get to research them and then re-do one movie's titles a few times in different particular styles, and then as if I were to do it with my own style, ending up with a couple animations and on a topic I like. Woo-hoo...before, my professor/head of our program didn't like what I chose, doing some animations about natural disasters where I'd get to travel, so at least I get to work with something I like a lot that my teacher agrees with, too.
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wool & gold [Jan. 13th, 2009 /// 06:33 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |productivecrafty]

It was snowing as I walked home from class, my ears biting because my earmuffs were soaked in coffee and therefore useless. (Not MY coffee, but another's, aka Julie punted my red earmuffs into the trash on accident. I still hate coffee.) I am eating chunky buckeyes that I finally finished in the dark, and the cats are both sitting in the only patch of sunlight in all of Brian's apartment. My ears still sting but the feeling is returning, while I listen to Fever Ray (the leak, not the release) and think about decking out my navy jacket.

(I have a plain navy wool coat, knee-length, where the buttons fell off on the first day of being worn. Instead of sewing them back on, I searched for some intricate clasps, then other things to adorn it in gold. Here's to relaunching my embroidery skills after not embroidering for 9 months. Here's to gold seed beads, which I normally avoid but couldn't help but buy to match. Here's to a decorative gold chain. Here's to my mini keys, a centimeter high, finally being put to good use. Wool and gold.)


Now the cats are sparring, I claim it's for my attention since when I'm asleep or hiding, they are placid and sleepy. I am wearing lace-up riding boots and paisley tights, which earned me three honks from different drivers while walking to/from school today. I wasn't breaking any laws and there were no other cars around, and when I look to investigate I see strange men gawking, so it is a logical conclusion that they were honking. This only seems to happen when I wear dresses...it wasn't even a short dress, given the 25-degree-snowy-weather, but enough to show a bit of my legs. I don't even have nice legs! I have legs like tree trunks. Tree trunks that can walk 8 miles but have trouble biking 3.

I should be reading for my geology class on mass weathering, but instead I am crafting and watching House and thinking about eating my guacamole that Brian and I made yesterday, but I am staving off and thinking about a real dinner. I have a ton of lettuce to go through.

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sun: it would shine in the brown of your eyes [Nov. 24th, 2008 /// 04:10 pm]
chimera of cameras

ivana XL - white white

White lights all around your body like it wasn't meant to be done

Take a look at the sun
Take a look at the ground
(It's precisely your day and time.)

light and magic

I had a good weekend, where my father, brother, and grandma (my real mom's stepmother/the only one I've known on that side of the family due to deaths) visited me in Cincinnati. I took them around town and to a conservatory for plants, where my grandma bought me handmade pear soap and I took a photo of my brother leaping upwards to play with exotic plants. [Note: I don't get along with Michael, he has a history of being a giant dummy, and we had a lot of stressful moments that stemmed from him being hungry, but at least he was a good sport when it comes to my photos. Who isn't, I guess?]

I tried peanut butter + chocolate crème brûlée and it made my night. Brian also sent me an email after researching Robert Pattinson's good looks, and why he is now jealous of a celebrity on my behalf. One is that Robert P. is younger than Brian. Of all things! How about that crazy hair?!
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pointless [Nov. 20th, 2008 /// 11:03 am]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |calmcalm]

I've been reading more fashion blogs again lately (I hate the word "blog," by the way) and it's pulling me back in. Not that I haven't been dressing well since I've stopped reading them 1.5 years ago, but I disconnected in the first place because they made me feel bad about my weight. Ha! To think I was once so impressionable by the internet. So anyway, I'm still overweight (although 15 pounds less than a month ago, hooray fruit) but I'm allowing myself to look at these things again because they are interesting and it won't get me down anymore. Boo-hoo to my past.

I'm emulating these tights this weekend. If only I liked partying...but I don't. Where could I wear them to? Hopefully it won't snow the day I choose to bust them out and bust a move.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2008 /// 06:36 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |draineddrained]

I want to live in Washington* very badly.

*state, of course

beach bone

I would love to be anywhere in the Northwest right now, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, the cliffed beaches of Northern California. Or the very Northeast, like Maine or Vermont. Close to the coast and wilderness, lots of green and mist and light rain. Weather extremities get on my NERVES. Cincinnati is a horrible place to live from May-September, and with me graduating in June, my mind is on where I can live/survive next. (Jobs? Real design jobs, full time, not hourly? I cringe thinking about the future. I want to be outside, building sets and making crafts for the photos I take, not sitting at a desk animating for 10 hours a day. I like animating but the hours are not for me.)

Five days in San Francisco, wonderful, too short, now I have a throat and stomach cold. Pictures slowly will appear as I create them in my hands.
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2008 /// 02:11 pm]
chimera of cameras
[mood   |moodymenstrual]
[music   |Grizzly Bear- Blackcurrant Jam]

I don't normally do lists, but here goes. Things in my life in the plus or minus category, kinda in order of them happening recently.

-getting two flat tires on Halloween driving home from work...at 1:30AM
-being teal all over when having to pull over to assess damages
+All Saints' Day party
+string lights
+dancing with friends who for some reason think you are a good dancer :D
+awesome mixes made for the most special person
+getting to bust out the sewing machine to make presents
-not having enough time to finish said presents
+reading 7 books in one week (but 4 of them were in the Twilight series, so although "long," they were easy reads)
-interesting series ending after pulling me in
+having 96 boxes of film, and surprising myself at how much I own
-not having any creative flow to take a photo in over a week
-being woken up at 8am on a Saturday by Peaches barking
-being woken up at 9am on a Sunday from Lord of the Cats breaking into my blocked room
------being woken up at 6:15am on a Tuesday by Lord of the Cats trying to unsuccessfully break into my room for half an hour, yowling and clawing and beating it with his head so I cannot fall back asleep
++++++seeing BRIAN IN TWO DAYS
+San Francisco
+dancing with a favorite boy instead of with yourself
+Monterey Bay
+kite flying
+a hot tub? haha
+Quantum of Solace
-headaches and chapped lips
+CSS and Chromeo and Digitalism

Anyway. Here is what I looked like on Halloween...it was awesome. The body paint was amazing and selling tickets and handling money all night didn't have it rub off at all...YEAH BOI!

Sorry, another one. I love this guy because neither of us remember this happening...and it's not like I was drunk, because I drank one glass of champagne and it was about an hour after we took photos in the kitchen. Hmm..there's just no explaining the afterlife.
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